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Size: How big do you really want it? The number of persons and the number of bedrooms you'll need will of course dictate much of the size, but other choices will determine home size as well. How big do you want each room? Do you want a large eat-in kitchen or galley kitchen? Do you want large bedrooms or smaller ones? Can you place bedrooms in the basement to utilize it as a full level? The point is that you may find your plan size may work within a larger range than you think. But other size considerations may matter, as well, such as how much square footage do you want to heat, cool, and clean, and how much are you willing to pay for building? Naturally, your budget is normally quite high on the list when you consider how much home you can pay for.

We also provide several house plan resources, interior design, flooring and home design resources to you help you in designing and building your dream home.

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